Helping with Life Changes

Welcome to Soulfly Doula

Soulfly Doula provides guidance to help nurture and heal the body and mind by helping you recognize and release old patterns that may no longer be serving how you desire to show up in your life. By incorporating mindful movement and stretches with breath and body awareness meditation and self-inquiry practices, Soulfly Doula offers an integrated approach to surmounting the discomfort that comes with change. Reduce stress, anxiety, fear, and depression. Connect your mind and body for increased awareness. Gain confidence and create action from your intuition. Live from a renewed sense of meaning and purpose.


Yoga Therapy

Be supported in finding personalized ways of tuning into your body; sensing, trusting, and acting on what is right for you based on your unique history and individual experiences. Create a lasting life-change as you redefine your sense of purpose within a new and changing reality.


Doula Services

Tailor an experience that’s right for you combining traditional doula-care with yoga therapy services. Receive practical guidance and tools from outside sources while using the inner wisdom of your body to make informed choices based on present-centered embodied awareness.


Soulfly provides both individual and group sessions. Learning and processing in a group has many benefits. There is the opportunity to meet others traveling a path similar to yours. Additionally, groups provide another level of support.

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