About Soulfly Doula

Guiding you to awareness and empowerment

Soulfly supports people going through significant life changes by utilizing therapy, movement, and body-mind awareness to empower long-term well-being :

  • Reduce stress, anxiety, fear, and depression
  • Connect your mind and body for increased awareness
  • Gain confidence and create action from your intuition
  • Live from a renewed sense of meaning and purpose

Sarah Bustamante

Sarah is certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists (C-IAYT), the Phoenix Rising School of Yoga Therapy (PRYT), Stillbirthday Birth and Bereavement Doula Academy (SBD), and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She dedicates herself to helping other people empower themselves through every transition in life. By combining yoga practices with therapeutic dialogue, Sarah leads her clients to self-awareness. As a yoga therapist in Oklahoma, she uses her compassion, expertise, and experience to help clients grow

Additionally, Sarah shows her heart for mothers by providing doula services, which support women throughout their pregnancies and any birth outcome.

Sarah’s services include doula care, individual yoga therapy, couples yoga therapy, and group offerings including fertility blessings, mother blessings, honoring ceremonies for life and loss, and silent retreats.

In her spare time, she enjoys Sunday-lounging in her nest with her animals and forever-boyfriend, hiking, creating nature mandalas, and spending time in meaningful and uplifting relationships with her closest friends and family.


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