Adoption, Fostering, Surrogacy

Some families may wait years before they are able to adopt a child, which can stir a lot of emotions. New adoptive mothers worry if they can bond with their child, if they’ll be loved and if they can give love. Sarah works with adopting families to help them as they navigate the new territory of becoming adoptive parents and all of the emotions it brings.

Being a foster parent is filled with challenges like developing a deep connection with a child. Then there’s a chance you may be able to adopt as your own, or you may only have a short time with before they move on. This leaves foster parents feeling anxious about the future or creates sadness and a sense of loss. Sarah also works with families who are considering fostering but may first want to overcome a few emotional hindrances.

Some people look to surrogacy as an option to grow their families because of the inability to conceive without outside assistance. This situation can lead to a plethora of emotions such as jealousy or inadequacy, which Sarah can help you to explore.

If you are considering alternative pregnancy methods, surrogacy, or medical assisted treatments, a yoga therapist can help you through this transition.

A yoga therapist will help you:

  • Acknowledge and honor your journey while helping you discern the right choices in creating or growing your family.
  • Find personal value in a non-traditional entry into parenthood that might often be overlooked by society.
  • Connect more fully with your breath, heart, mind, and spirit as you embrace your unique experience and grow through the process.
  • Practice body and breath awareness to identify physical, emotional, and spiritual needs and manage stress and anxiety.

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