Bereavement Doula Services

Soulfly Doula acknowledges the full spectrum of fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum experiences as equally valid and recognizes that a woman’s experience can be both vibrantly beautiful and painfully scary. She offers unwavering support for all women to be held and seen, no matter the outcome and to be transparent about the truths of life and loss. Sarah acknowledges the inseparable union of life and death, and what each has to offer the other and honors the natural expansion and contraction of all things; life/death, joy/sorrow, healing/pain. Sarah’s intention is to create safe spaces and birthing environments where women can show up authentically no matter what they’re experiencing; to honor themselves, their babies, and their inner circles with reverence and celebration through challenging times.

Soulfly Doula is certified by Stillbirthday as a bereavement doula, trained to provide support in any birth with any outcome including miscarriage, stillbirth, fatal diagnosis and unexpected outcomes including loss, NICU stays, and rainbow pregnancies after loss. Soulfly Doula supports mothers as they navigate grief and mourning and can offer suggestions on how to bond with baby when moments are fleeting; honoring the birth of your baby, while helping you navigate the process of saying goodbye.

When to Contact Soulfly Doula:

  • In the process of miscarrying
  • Upon finding out that a miscarriage is imminent
  • Upon confirming a fatal diagnosis or stillbirth
  • During NICO stay
  • Finding out you’re pregnant again after a previous loss
  • In the event of any other unexpected outcome

Additional Reasons to Contact Soulfly Doula:

  • Coming to terms with an unexpected diagnosis of baby or self
  • Processing a birth outcome that didn’t go as expected
  • Experiencing a traumatic birth
  • Dealing with postpartum depression
  • Navigating your way through grief

Depending on where you’re at in your process, Sarah meets you where you’re at and serves to:

  • Offer presence, comfort measures, and psycho-emotional-spiritual processing during pregnancy or infant loss
  • Create keepsakes, creative and/or traditional momentos
  • Assist with photos and/or a photographer
  • Provide Information and support for finding and identifying fetal remains in early miscarriage, as well as options for honoring and preserving.
  • Speak in an appropriate way to the family about the extremely difficult stretch of the journey which includes their giving a professional provider the permission to have the physical form of their baby for burial or cremation.
  • Offer postpartum support including attending the formal farewell if the family desires
  • Provide future support for subsequent live-birth outcomes, which can also offer a validating, healing, meaningful, and joyful experience for the family.

Please reach out for more information about bereavement services.

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