Soulfly Doula supports mothers through any trimester with any pregnancy outcome and offers a specialized approach to traditional doula care through yoga and other embodied practices. This experiential approach is used to increase self-awareness as a means to find personal meaning, greater connection and redefine purpose amidst significant life-changes.


A yoga therapist is experienced in creating a safe space where you will be met with a loving presence, unconditional positive regard, and non-judgmental witnessing throughout your process of pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum.

  • Practice ways to Find, Trust, and Act on the Intuitive Wisdom of your Body
  • Use Reproductive Journey as a Means of Personal Growth
  • Use Movement, Art, Journaling, and Ceremony to Connect with Self and Others
  • Go Beyond Cognitive Understanding into Whole-Body Knowing
  • Discover Tools to Breathe and Move Through Challenging Transitions
  • Find Ways to Release Past Trauma and Mindfully Move Through Grief
  • Change Your Perception and Response to Pain

Birth Doula Service

Soulfly Doula holds pregnancy and childbirth as a sacred right of passage that can be engaged with as a means of tapping into your greatest potential as a mother; deepening relationship to self, baby, and partner by connecting more fully with with breath, mind, body, and spirit.


Bereavement Doula Service

Soulfly Doula supports mothers as they navigate through their grief and mourning. She can offer helpful suggestions on how to bond with baby when the moments are fleeting; honoring the birth of your baby, while helping you navigate the process of saying goodbye.

A La Carte Birth Services

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