Navigating Change


Early Bird Special $325 (normal price $375)A 9-Week Group for Mindfully Moving through Significant Life ChangesUsing a proven-effective holistic approach based on Michael Lee’s pro…



Early Bird Special $325 (normal price $375)

A 9-Week Group for Mindfully Moving through Significant Life Changes

Using a proven-effective holistic approach based on Michael Lee’s program, “Turn Stress into Bliss”, Sarah facilitates mindful movement, meditation, journaling, group sharing, and home practices to support you in finding greater ease within life’s transitions, be it:

  • Leaving a long-time job or relationship
  • Coping with grief from loss
  • Coming to terms with a recent diagnosis or ongoing illness
  • Replacing long-held habits with new ones

*no prior experience in yoga or being particularly flexible is necessary. All bodies welcome and accepted.

This program includes an all-day silent retreat.


These groups are based on a research-backed modality that’s been around for more than 30 years.

This more recent research article highlights some of the benefits:

“Each participant noted greater insight into mind-body connection. They noticed the effect of cognition and emotion on the body, observed how the body can be used to improve coping through movement and breathing, and experienced different thoughts and emotions associated with different areas of their bodies.


  • “Sarah is a masterful facilitator who brings her own authenticity and compassion to each participant in each session. She weaves a tapestry of growth, self-awareness, self-care and love. Creating space and safety while encouraging engagement, it’s easy to open and grow in her presence.” – Sally Jo Blair
  • “This group made huge, huge differences in my life. I can see myself already making strides to embrace life, to release anxiety and to be more present. I find myself being more intentional and ready to embrace the world.” – Jessica Schwab


Radiant Living Center
6051 North Brookline Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73112


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