Yoga Reviews

“I have had the privilege of working alongside Sarah professionally, as well as the profound blessing of participating in yoga therapy sessions with her guidance and support. Sarah carries herself with a calming and peaceful energy and is at once both a healing balm and a pillar of strength to those seeking support and understanding. I benefited so much from my yoga therapy sessions with her, and continue to use techniques and lessons learned in those sessions to this day! I highly recommend her as a yoga therapist and feel confident that she possesses exactly the right temperament to be an exceptional doula.”

~Jessi Vining

“Sarah is such a delight! Wise beyond her years, authentic and willing to be seen, she devotes herself wholeheartedly to serving others in their journeys of growth and transformation. She has cultivated the art of being fully present with her yoga therapy clients as well as in facilitating group events. With a special knack for truly hearing what is being said, Sarah brings depth and acceptance to her interactions, inviting self-discovery and self-love. With her background in yoga and yoga therapy, Sarah is sensitive to the wisdom of the body, thus seamlessly engages others to experience their own inner wisdom, befriending themselves and being more fully alive. Having experienced her individual and group work, I highly recommend Sarah. She is a jewel.”

~ Sally Jo Blair

Doula Reviews

When I lost my daughter to stillbirth, a big part of the loss was losing connection to my body, to my intuition. I lost trust in my body. I brought zero expectations into the room. Sarah’s presence was incredibly calming and supportive. I felt seen and heard at a level most people couldn’t get to. As she began the session I felt complete non-judgement and openness to speak whatever came to my mind.

I was amazed at how tuning in to my body, how being quiet enough to listen, could pull out the healing I had been seeking. So thankful for my time with Sarah and the space she’s so carefully created, that allowed me to breathe fully again.

~ Lindsay Juarez

I highly recommend Sarah as a doula for so many reasons. She is very knowledgeable about how to best provide doula support and how yoga therapy can supplement the needs of expecting women and their partners. She does tons of research and is constantly educating herself on best practices, techniques and tools which shows how much she endeavors to master her practice. She brings a warm, calm, positive, and understanding presence to her sessions that makes her great at diffusing any tension or anxiety within the self. She was in constant communication with me during my pregnancy and would often go out of her way to meet our needs and make us feel prepared and ready for anything. I could go on and on!

~ Bethany Lee

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